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About Essential Oils:

Essential oils have been used in various cultures for thousands of years. They are much more than a pleasant aroma.  


In terms of science and the chemistry of essential oils, one essential oil contains hundreds of chemical constituents which contain distinctive qualities and healing properties. They work beautifully with assisting the body in healing. See more...

Working with Essential Oils:

I use essential oils in my consultations and sessions. Essential oils can be used to support many body systems, and emotional and behavioral issues. 

During a consultation I will recommend products based on your needs to help bring the body back into balance.
See more...


There are a few ways to purchase your own therapeutic-grade essential oils or learn more about them. See more...

Workshops & Classes:

I hold monthly workshops (in-person) and classes on-line so that you may learn more about how to incorporate essential oils and other natural, holistic methods into your family's life. See more...

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