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If you are the parent of a hyperactive child, one that has trouble focusing, or has digestive issues this is for you.

As the mother of three boys who have sensory issues, food allergies and intolerances she is well versed in these issues.

After over a decade of learning from specialists, taking educational courses and receiving some training myself, there are a few things she wants to share with you that just might help your household AND your sanity.

Assess What They Are Eating

First—and this is foundational—please, please take a look at your children’s diet. Diet has a profound effect on behavior, the immune system, nervous system, inflammation, and mental health.

"April took inititavitve to develop a healing protocol for me. She also helped educate me on nutritional guidance for healing. Product knowledge to guide me to my path of healing and restoration." - Staci H.

Click here to schedule a free introductory consultation.

April can offer some solutions, tools and resources to get your family and children back on track, healthy and hopeful again!

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