There are many reasons our immune system gets weakened. Not getting enough sleep? Who’s NOT guilty of that these days? I know I sure am!

Working too much, not drinking enough fluids, not cleaning enough or cleaning too much, too much stress (is there a way to avoid that?), poor diet, not enough exercise and exposure to toxins in the environment.

So, what’s one to do? It seems we are attacked coming and going.

Well, there are ways to help support your immune system. And you can do it naturally!

1. Begin by making sure you are getting enough sleep. Winding down at night, making sure you unplug yourself from electronics an hour or two prior to bedtime for a better night’s rest. Have a dark, quiet room to sleep in. Trying to go to bed at the same time each night also helps program your body when to sleep. If you still have trouble there are many essential oils that may aid in promoting a restful sleep. Either by adding a drop or two to your pillow, or diffusing them in the air, or simply placing them ( diluted ) behind your ears or on your wrist prior to sleep.

Lavender, Vetiver , and Cedarwood

are among my favorites!

Lavender assists in emotional balance, anxiety, relaxes the nervous system and helps lessen feelings of stress.

Vetiver can be very sedating to your nervous system and it can help you stay asleep once you have achieved asleep.

Cedarwood is calming, helps relieve tension and is really great at helping you fall asleep. My boys ask for it specifically and if I diffuse it near me, I tend to catch myself dozing off.

2. Manage your stress levels. If your body is under a large amount of stress it will wear you down and begin to affect your immune system making it harder and harder to fight off illness.

Be aware that stress can be both good and bad. Meaning, your body doesn’t make the discernment.

Stress from getting married to losing your job. Either way, it is still stressful on your body.

3. Make yourself a priority. Many times we take care of others to the point we become drained and exhausted. We should always be giving to others from the overflow of what we have in ourselves.

4. Take a weekly yoga class. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress levels and even blood pressure! Better yet, try to incorporate a short daily yoga routine at home, that’s what I do and I love it!

Don’t think you have time for that? Try Yoga Nidra. Here’s a basic introduction: Click here

You can easily incorporate this into your bedtime routine!

5. Meditation or daily prayer has also been shown to reduce stress levels and tension.

6. There are many essential oils to help manage your stress. I carry these around in roller bottles with me as I need them during the day.

Lavender, Melissa, Clary Sage,

Ylang Ylang, and a couple of essential oils blends called Restful Blend andGrounding Blend are generally what I reach for.

7. Keep your surfaces clean. while not over-doing it, is also helpful for your immune health. You can add essential oils to a washcloth while cleaning: lemon ,melaleuca, and I also have a Protective Blend I love to use to clean with. I use it for just about everything from cleaning counters, to a greasy stove. I also love to diffuse it during the cold season to keep the air clean and it also allows surfaces to remain clean as well.

8. Make sure you are hydrating yourself. Drink half of your body weight in ounces, preferably water as well as eating quality food.

Limiting the amount of processed foods you eat and eat as much organic non-GMO foods you can. Also, eating grass-fed, antibiotic and steroid-free meat helps too.