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I use essential oils in my consultations and sessions. Essential oils can be used to support many body systems, and emotional and behavioral issues. 

During a consultation I will recommend products based on your needs to help bring the body back into balance. I may also conduct a biofeedback scan to identify essential oils and supplements that will support your body. The scans and reports are personalized and unique to your body.

There are many essential oils on the market today. I have found the most success with doTERRA essential oils. They are considered therapeutic-grade quality and are an important part of my tool kit for holistic health and wellness.

I am an advocate and educator of essential oils. I also hold workshops to educate families on how to use essential oils to improve their family's wellness in a natural, less toxic way. If needed, I can help getting your own therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Contact April and schedule a consultation or session today.

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